This Trinity Term, we are continuing to launch college-specific divestment campaigns across Oxford. In Hilary Term, we passed divestment motions in *9* Common Rooms, and we’re hoping to more than double that this term. Want to get in on the fun? Join an existing campaign, or start your own at your college!

The relatively simple structure and sense of community within colleges (as compared to the whole university) makes colleges an ideal setting for a divestment campaign. We are forming a powerful network of representatives in each college and empowering these campaigns to act simultaneously to call on their colleges by mobilizing support in common rooms, among faculty, and with the presidents and bursars.

We’ve prepared a toolkit to help you do just that.

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What can this toolkit help you with?

  • Building a movement for divestment at your college. As a first step, get in touch with us (message on Facebook, email to find out who is already organizing in your college. The toolkit also has advice on how to form a team, launch your campaign, and turn up the pressure.         
  • Figuring out how your endowment works and getting a grasp of the lingo.
  • Passing motions in the JCR/MCR/GCR is easy with our prepared template motions and FAQs. 
  • Communicating with your bursar. We have drafted bursar-specific resources, including a divestment factsheet specifically crafted for bursars, as well as common arguments we’ve heard from college administration and sample responses.  
  • Developing faculty support is crucial, because our tutors/professors have a lot of say in college! Fellows are uniquely positioned to bring divestment resolutions to Governing Body. We have some tips on how to recruit faculty and incorporate them into your campaign.
  • And much more! 

Download the toolkit here!