You can take the following steps to support us right now: 

  1. Sign our petition calling on the university to divest!
  2. Sign our NEW petition (created November 10, 2017) calling on the university to respond to the Paradise Papers.
  3. Join our mailing lists to get updates about our meetings (see google form below)!
  4. Come to our meetings, term-time Wednesday at 6PM in the Oxford University Student Union building––Meeting Room 1.
  5. Join our College Campaign: pass a motion to divest your college through your common room, meet with your bursar, and you can make it happen! For information on how to do this, email us at
  6. Promote our campaign! Share this blog on your social media, like our page on Facebook, and check out our twitter.

Are you an Oxford alum? Check out our alumni petition and pledge!

Join our mailing list(s) here: 


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