Building upon student activity during Trinity term 2013, the OUSU Environment and Ethics Campaign has adopted fossil fuel divestment as its main project.

The primary aim of the divestment project is to remove the fossil fuel industry from the University’s investment portfolio.

The level of interest expressed by the student body has so far been exceptional, with a committed core group having formed, and around 450 students signing onto the OUSU E&E mailing list at Fresher’s Fair.

Our Demands:

We believe that any investment in fossil fuel companies is currently not socially responsible. Additionally, fossil fuel assets are overvalued, potentially threatening part of University’s investment portfolio with devaluation. As a result, we recommend the following:

  • A negative screening process (or divestment) should be applied to fossil fuel investments
  • A positive screening process (investment) should be applied to “fossil free” investments
  • A list of University investments should be published in the interests of transparency and student engagement

For more information on what divestment entails, click here!

The Oxford University Fossil Free campaign meets every Wednesday at 5:30PM in Meeting Room 1 in the Oxford University Student Union building (4 Worcester Street).

For more information or to get involved, email


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