Statements of Solidarity from NYU and the OUSU Campaign for Racial Awareness and Equality

Next year, Oxford’s Vice-Chancellor Andy Hamilton will be leaving to take up the post at NYU. They offered us a statement of solidarity in this crucial stage of negotion:

“NYU Divest stands in solidarity with the Oxford University Student Union in their efforts to see Oxford University divest from fossil fuels. We hope to see Andrew Hamilton, our future president at NYU, come out in support of divestment. We are completely committed to seeing NYU divest from fossil fuels, and if they do not do so before our current president leaves, we will be joining the ranks of countless other divestment campaigns, such as Harvard and Yale, in escalating in order to ensure our university makes the only morally and financially responsible choice. We would like to see Andrew Hamilton take a stance on the issue of climate change. If he leaves Oxford still opposed to divesting from an industry that threatens his students there, he will find strong pressure to divest from his new students in New York City. Climate change will not wait for politics or bureaucracy, and divestment is non-negotiable for us. We will support OUSU in every way we can and expect to see Mr. Hamilton make the right decision both in Oxford and at NYU.”

We’d also like to thank the OUSU Campaign for Racial Awareness and Equality for their fantastic statement of solidarity with our campaign, recognising the nature of climate change as a social justice issue:

“CRAE stands in solidarity with Oxford University Fossil Free and demands that the University of Oxford divest from the fossil fuel industry and shift to positive, ethical investments. It is clear from overwhelming scientific evidence that climate change is set to drastically alter our world in the coming years, and threaten the lives of billions of people. It is also clear that those who are likely to be most impacted by the harmful effects of climate change are those who are already marginalized and oppressed globally, including people of colour. While CRAE’s focus is on combatting institutional racism within Oxford we must also be attentive to the ways in which Oxford contributes to the oppression and destruction of communities of colour globally, and one primary way that occurs is through its continued tacit support of the fossil fuel industry. CRAE demands that the University of Oxford and Vice-Chancellor Andrew Hamilton recognizes the need for divestment and shows a commitment to combatting climate change by divesting fully from the fossil fuel industry.”


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