A motion supporting the recommendations of our report ‘Averting a Climate Crisis’ has passed unopposed through Oxford University Student Union.

The motion stated that:

OUSU Council believes… The investments we make are a statement about the future, about what we imagine or expect that future to be… By adopting these recommendations, the University of Oxford will be acting as a global leader in the fight against climate change, setting a powerful ethical standard for other investors (and government policy makers) to follow.

The passing of this motion is crucial to our campaign as we will now go on to submit our officially-approved report to SRIRC (the Socially-Responsible Investment Review Committee) for consideration in their ongoing consultation on divestment.

We hope that the mandate of the student body provided by OUSU Council’s unanimous support will demonstrate to SRIRC and the university in general that divestment is a serious issue for the students of its university and one which we are determined to see addressed.

Thanks to everyone who supported us today and for everyone who helped write our report and the motion we submitted!

To view the motion click the link below:

Motion to OUSU Council 15/10/14


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